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Bananko Kra¨ 30 g

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Chocolate-coated banana, BANANKO, is a hit with the youngest consumers, though the adults cannot resist it either. Kraš´s Bananko is the leading product within the category of foam candy bars on the Croatian market. According to the consumers’ opinion, Bananko’s key to success lies in the “magical combination of a soft banana-flavoured foam centre, covered with the traditional Kraš chocolate”.

prsl3006 Hersteller: Kras Zagreb
Menge: Netto 30 g
Zutaten: Zucker, Sirup, Kakaomasse, Säureregulator E230, Emulgator soja Lecitin E322 (E476), Regulator E500, E100, Soja Lecitin, Mögliche Spuren von Nuss. Füllung enthält mind. 23% Kakaogehalt. Schokolade enthält mind. 42% Kakaogehalt.
Produkt aus Kroatien

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