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Fix Vegeta seasoning for preparation of cevapcici, Pljeskavica and Hamburg is the food supplement that is made ​​from selected spices and vegetables and is adapted to the preparation of meat dishes.

The application is very simple - the contents of the bag with 70 ml of lukewarm water, pour, stir and let stand a few minutes so the flavors can fully develop. Then you need only add meat, stir and cevapcici, Pljeskavica and hamburger shapes. Very simple is not it?

Has tried to England's Queen Elizabeth II during her stay on the island of Brioni Vanga in 1972, including Pljeskavica. Hamburger was named after the city of Hamburg, hot dog sausage is called Frankfurt, Berlin or donuts while proud of their name is called the city of Berlin.

Pljeskavicas differ from one another, just as cevapcici, according to the type of meat or spice mixture, then one uses, for example, the beef, pork or veal. Particularly appreciated are Pljeskavicas, prepared from the meat of young bulls.

Although there is widespread that the mixtures for Pljeskavica and cevapcici are the same, containing the mixture of cevapcici, unlike those for Pljeskavica, no chopped onions and ground pepper.

If you cevapcici, Pljeskavicas or hamburger shape with your hands, rub your hands it should with a few drops of oil so that the mass does not stick. To prevent cevapcici, Pljeskavicas and hamburgers do not stick to the grill, pour a small amount of pure mineral water or beef broth to the mixture. The meat used for the preparation, must also contain fat, which melts during cooking and the meat soft and succulent dishes makes. Pljeskavicas cevapcici and are traditionally the bread with the addition of cream cheese, and garnish with onions, ajvar (vegetable spread), Pindjur (Court of red peppers and tomatoes) uA served, while those necessary for the hamburger, the french fries. Fix for Vegeta cevapcici, Pljeskavica and hamburgers you will simplify the preparation of meat dishes and save time. The exquisite blend of spices and dried vegetables will complete your dining experience and give your dishes juiciness and flavor.

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